Slimming - Simple and Easy

10:49 PM

Just today, I got a message from my friend she said " Uy I saw ur pics on friendster, ur so sexy na ha! whats your secret? " And I said, that's what you call SLIMMING DOWN NATURALLY with less efforts..

Successful slimming is more likely to be achieved by making subtle changes in one’s eating habits and lifestyle – changes that one can certainly live with and also come to enjoy. I came up with a list of what I did to achieve a healthy and sexy shape. Here they are:

1. DISCIPLINE - you know what I mean, once you decide to loose weight you must be serious or else you wont reap the benefits. Yes, it could be so hard to discipline yourself but the rewards are amazing.

2. EXERCISE - I exercise 2-3 times a week, (actually I only go to the gym to see my crush hahaha) to burn my extra fat. Just 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the bike and that's it.

3. AN APPLE A DAY - remember the saying " an apple a day keeps the doctor away", I use to hate that fruit but now I cant last a day without eating it.

4. NO RICE WEEK - believe me, its so effective. I eat oatmeal as substitute and I get the same satisfaction.

5. MANAGE YOUR FOOD CRAVING - one thing to avoid craving is: try not to skip any meal as this will make you more likely to crave for food because you are hungry, try keeping healthy snacks like carrots or celery sticks at hand. Drink plenty of water, water will make feel full. Dont go shopping when you're hungry, you'll see why. And most importantly, INDULGE once in a while. I love sansrival and brazo de mercedes yum yum (try Mom & Tina's bakery, they offer the best desserts in town, located in front of Tiendesitas oh so yummy talaga!) As with more cravings, try to distract yourself - go for a walk, watch TV or read books ( The Alchemist and The Notebook is a worthwhile read).

6. NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS - try c-lium fibre or biofit, they dont taste good but it can help and its worth the effort.

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  1. Nice tips. I think best way to get slim is to contro your eating habits


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