My Detox Diet

3:00 AM

I read from an article that Beyonce reportedly lost 20 pounds in preparation for her role in Dreamgirls.

The Diet:

Upon waking up: Drink an 8 oz glass of cold water w/ 1tbsp sea salt

Thru out the day:
Mix the following ingredients w/ an 8oz glass of very cold water.
-2tbsp fresh Lemon juice
-2tbsp pure maple syrup grade B
-a pinch of cayenne pepper
Also take 8 glasses of water during the day.

Before going to bed: Take 1 serving of smooth move tea.
The diet is between 3-14 days.

My Holy Week Diet 4-day vacation:

Since pure maple syrup grade B is very expensive, I replaced it with muscovado sugar. And I also replaced the smooth move tea with Kankunis since I cant find one in stores here.

Day 1
I wake up in the morning and my maid already prepared the salted water, Oh God! one gulp and i feel like drowning in the beach! I didnt finish it.

Then started my lemon diet after an hour. I feel ok until 5pm. I started feeling dizzy so I slept my hunger off. I woke up and drank the Kankunis at 7pm and saw my folks eating! Hehe I cheated and ate 3 spoonful of rice and adobo. Drank my milk and gone to sleep.

Day 2
I wake up at 8 and gone straight to the bathroom, effect of the kankunis tea, my made handed me a glass of salted water! And I said you want me to drown again? No way to salty water again. Drank my lemon as usual, internet all day! Wow I did not feel hungry at all. At 5pm, here comes hungryness again. I ate too many at night and my detox diet? Flop! But I took the Kankunis and got to sleep feeling heavy.

Day 3
I wake up feeling better coz bathroom time was good. I drank a glass of milk then proceeded to the mall to buy my groceries and distracted myself on shopping. Then went home at 3pm, Gosh! my feet was cold and I feel like the room was spinning!
I had to eat! Forget that diet. Im taking Kankunis anyway!

Day 4
Wake up and had my normal day, i had breakfast, bread and scrambled. Then cooked my favorite Nilagang Baka for lunch. I did not eat my dinner and just drank my milk.

My detox wasnt very succesful, I think partial detox is the one for me wherein you can replace 1 or 2 regular meals with a serving of lemonade with 1 or 2 light meal. But the results are not dramatic as the full detox.

I highly recommend this detox program for those who are really decided to jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Its interesting articles,i like detox.

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  3. Wow,, you have to be serious if you want a detox diet. If you try hard then you can. My brother who was supposed to be operated on with gall bladder obstruction had detox diet yesterday and I saw how pale he was. Here is his detox diet. A pint of olive oil plus lemon. He ate nothing and just drank that mixture. I will see what happens next time because I have to go home this morning. Hope he will be okay then and skip operation.

    Good blog.


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